Did you know that you can get money back from the state of New Jersey for using efficient appliances? It’s true! The state offers both the WARMAdvantage and the COOLAdvantage Clean Energy Programs, so you can get rebates for replacing heaters, A/C units, water heaters, and more. At Mark Lindsay & Son, we won’t just tell you about this program but we’ll help you apply for it, too! We want you to make sure that you get every dollar available from the rebate program. Our team has helped some of our customers receive up to $4000!


Save money on energy costs and get a rebate when you replace your current heater and/or water heater with energy-efficient versions. To be eligible for the WARMAdvantage Program rebate, just buy, install, and use a qualifying system. You can apply online for faster application processing. The rebate you get will be based on what equipment you replace and what you replace it with, according to the list below.

  • Gas Furnace, Tier 1 (95% efficiency or higher) –Up to $250
  • Gas Furnace, Tier 2 (97% efficiency or higher) – Up to $500
  • Oil Furnace (85% efficiency or higher) – Up to $250
  • Conventional (Tank) Gas or Propane Water Heater – Up to $300
  • Tankless Gas or Propane Water Heater – Up to $300
  • Electric Heat Pump Water Heater –  Up to $750
  • Boiler and Water Heater Combination – Up to $700
  • Furnace and Water Heater Combination, Tier 1 – Up to $700
  • Furnace and Water Heater Combination, Tier 2 – Up to $950

Your rebate may be even higher if you live in certain zones, qualify as a low-to-moderate income resident, or live in an affordable housing project. Call us to find out more!


The COOLAdvantage Program is identical except that it offers rebates for installing an efficient air conditioner, ductless mini-split, or heat pump.

Current rebate amounts are as follows:

  • Central Air Conditioner – Up to $300-$500, depending on the efficiency of the unit
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioner – Up to $500
  • Central Air Source Heat Pump – Up to $600-$1000
  • Mini-Split Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump – Up to $1000-$2000
  • Air-to-Water Heat Pump – Up to $2000

Call For Help With Rebates!

Contact us at Mark Lindsay & Son if you have questions about how these programs work and are interested in applying and filing for the program. Our team will help you get every rebate dollar available and ensure you get quality equipment that you can rely on!

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