Well Tanks

Flexcon well tank

Well pumps do not run continuously. Instead they transport water or other materials to a storage tank where air compression takes place. The air pressure in the tank then moves the water to it’s destination. When the air pressure reaches a pre-determined level in the tank, the well pump activates again, replenishing the tank.

well tank tee

Flexcon tanks are manufactured with cold rolled steel and finished with primer and high gloss quality paint. Clean air tight welds are achieved using the most modern welding equipment available. A trim strip on the bottom of the skirt helps prevent damage during installation. Each tank undergoes a rigid quality inspection process that includes high pressure testing, seam weld tests and our famous helium test. The final air charge check before packaging ensures that every tank arrives on the job site with the specified aircharge.

H2P tanks are available from 14 gallons to 119 gallons and are backed up with a five-year warranty. We have the tank you need for every job and the name to stand behind it

A tank system is more than just a tank, and we have all the parts and know-how to install and repair well tank systems, including the following components:

  • Tank Tee – The specially designed brass fitting that is used in the tank installation, where the rest of the pressure-related parts and the drain valve are attached
  • Pressure Guage – Displays the current pressure of the tank system
  • Pressure Release Valve – A safety feature that does not let the pressure build inside the tank to a dangerous level
  • Pressure Switch – Monitors the pressure in the well tank and turns the well pump on when the pressure (water level) inside the tank reaches the lower level threshold

Let the experts at Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating Inc help explain all the details and customize a solution that’s right for you.