Heat Pump Water Heaters West Milford, NJ

In this day and age, one really cannot ever complain about a lack of options. Even the seemingly straightforward process of purchasing a new water heater in West Milford can be a tricky terrain to traverse. Many homeowners just try to stay within their comfort zones, but you may want to look beyond the standard tank water heater this time around.

One type of water heater that you may not really be aware of is the heat pump water heater. By using a heat pump water heater in Northern New Jersey, you can truly surpass your previous expectations of energy efficiency. Read the following information, and contact Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc if you think that a heat pump water heater is the right fit for your home.

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

image diaplaying the range of temperature from a heat pump water heater in newfoundlandThe heat pump water heater uses heat pump technology in order to heat water for the use in one’s home. Just as a heat pump can utilize existing heat in the air outside in order to very efficiently heat one’s home, so too can a heat pump water heater use existing heat in order to heat water. It’s actually a very simple process.

A refrigerant cycle is used in order to absorb heat from the air surrounding the heat pump water heater. That warmed refrigerant is then further compressed by the water heater’s compressor, boosting its thermal energy. That energy is then used in the heating of the water, requiring only a very small amount of electricity to be used in the process.

Ask About Hybrid Technology

Some people use the terms “heat pump water heater” and “hybrid water heater” interchangeably, but that is a bit misleading. While electric hybrid water heaters may refer to heat pump models, there are also gas hybrid water heaters to consider. This type of hybrid technology utilizes natural gas in its operation, and actually combines both tank and tankless water heater characteristics in its design.

We know, we know. It all sounds like a lot to take in. That is why it is so important that you work with a trained professional capable of ensuring that you are able to find the exact right water heater for your needs. Considering how important our hot water supply is to our lives, taking the time to choose your system carefully is a must.

We Install and Service Heat Pump and Hybrid Water Heaters

Once you have chosen your heat pump water heater or hybrid water heater of any design, the next step is to hire a trained professional to complete the installation of that system. Not only will we make sure that your new water heater is of the right size for your needs, but we will seamlessly integrate it into your plumbing system. Whether a brand new installation or a heat pump water heater replacement, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Do you have a heat pump water heater that seems to be costing too much to run? Is your hybrid water heater leaving your showers running cold? Whatever the problem may be, prompt hybrid water heater repairs are always in your best interest. Also, don’t forget about just how important routine heat pump water heater maintenance is in keeping your system functioning at peak performance levels.