Plumbing and HVAC Help in Mountain Lakes, NJ

closeup of a sink dripping | mountain lakes plumberDo you love living in Mountain Lakes, NJ? At Mark Lindsay and Son, we know that we love being a small part of the community you have built there. We take our job in Mountain Lakes seriously, because we know that every repair or installation we do there makes the community just a little bit stronger. The next time you have an issue with your plumbing, heating, or air conditioning there, call us and let us show you just how much we love your area.

All of our services are comprehensive, which means that there’s no job we won’t take on. You never have to be embarrassed about calling us for small jobs or worried when you call us for big ones. No matter what happens with your home, our experts will assess what needs to be done, come up with a solution, and let you know what they’ve found. Once you agree to it, they will always get their work done as fast, as efficiently, and as professionally as possible.


It gets cold in New Jersey in the winter and we want you to be comfortable. If your heater isn’t working, or isn’t working as well as it used to, call us. We will send out a heating expert to figure out what has gone wrong and get your repair done fast. No matter what the problem is, we will be straightforward with you about what we find and how the repair can best progress.

We also handle heating installation in Mountain Lakes. Let us know if it’s time for a new heater, or we’ll let you know if that is your best option after we examine your current one. We can help you find a heater that is economical, that will save you money in energy costs, and that should last you for a long time.

Regular maintenance can go far toward keeping your heating running well. We will check your unit over, test some things, and tell you if there’s anything you need to repair in order to keep things warm.

Air Conditioning

Our A/C services are similar to our heating offerings. We will repair, install, or maintain your air conditioner whenever you need to have the work done. We’ll always treat your home just the same way we would treat our own, so you can rest assured that our techs will do top-notch work and be straightforward with you whenever they are working on your house.


No matter your plumbing problems or questions in Mountain Lakes, NJ, we are here for you. We will repair your system, install fixtures or appliances, and help you make remodels to your home, too. Call us whenever something doesn’t seem quite right and we’ll come out and get things back to normal fast.

Get on our schedule today with a simple phone call. We’ll connect you with the professionals best suited to taking on your problem. Pretty soon, your home will work perfectly again!


We offer the following in Mountain Lakes, NJ: