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Regardless of how diligent you are in your spring cleaning, we’re willing to be that the interior cleanliness of your ductwork is not something that you think about all that frequently. This is a shame, though, as too many homeowners suffer the ill effects of dirty ductwork without even realizing it. The duct cleaning pros at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc would like to change that.

When you schedule your duct cleaning in Northern New Jersey with our staff, you can rest assured in knowing that your air ducts will be in the best condition possible following the service. We are extremely thorough, and we never leave a mess behind. Read on, and let us know if you think it’s time that you had your air ducts cleaned out.

How Can I Tell if I Need Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning air ducts is not necessarily something that you’ll be doing every year, as you would scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance. How, then, are you to know that you require duct cleaning in the first place? With no set schedule, it is a good idea to learn the warning signs that the service is necessary.

  1. Poor indoor air quality is one of the most obvious signs that your ductwork may need to be cleaned. When there are pollutants built up in your air ducts, they can be distributed throughout your entire home.
  2. Reduced energy efficiency is another sign that your ductwork may be dirty. Now, it’s unlikely that your ducts are so congested with pollutants that they are cutting off airflow. However, those pollutants can build up on important components of your HVAC system, which in turn can lead to reduced efficiency.
  3. Very dirty air filters are another sign that you could use duct cleaning. If you are changing your filters more frequently than ever, but they are getting dirtier and dirtier, contact us right away.
  4. Any issues with pests should be followed up with duct cleaning. They like to set up shop in ductwork, and can leave a lot of contaminants behind.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Ductwork Cleaning?

As mentioned above, cleaning your air ducts can help you to enjoy better indoor air quality in your home. Not only does this allow you to live more comfortably, but it can also help to cut down on your household cleaning needs, too. Plus, removing those pollutants can make a world of difference for those individuals with allergies and asthma/respiratory issues.

Additionally, you can cut down on your heating and cooling costs while also cutting down on the strain put on your HVAC system. This is only true, though, when you schedule your ductwork cleaning services with trained professionals. This is not a DIY job.

Cleaning Air Ducts Is a Job for the Pros

It may not sound that complicated, but cleaning your air ducts is in no way the type of job that you can handle on your own. It’s not as simple as just spraying down your ducts and wiping them out as you would your windowsills or counters. Even accessing your ductwork is something only professionals can do properly.

We have the tools that we need—agitators, brushes, vacuums, etc.—in order to remove the pollutants that are putting your air quality, efficiency, and even your health at risk. All that you have to do is pick up the phone. We look forward to helping you breathe air of a higher quality.

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