Water Heater Not Working

Tank Style Natural Gas or Propane:

Gas Water Heater Not Working

  • 1) Turn the gas valve off.
    • a. The gas valve is usually a large knob on the water heater.
    • b. Wait a few minutes after you have turned it off before proceeding.
  • 2) Turn the gas valve to the “Pilot” setting and push down on it.
    • a. If your water heater’s gas valve does not push down, look for a red control button near the valve. Hold this button down.
  • 3) Wait until the pilot indicator light comes on.
    • a. If your water heater does not have a pilot indicator light, remove the outer and inner access panels according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, hold a lit barbecue lighter to the end of the pilot supply tube, which is a small silver tube that is inside the water heater.
  • 4) Continue holding down the gas valve or control button for 1 minute after the pilot light has been lit.
  • 5) Replace the access panels if you removed them.
  • 6) Turn the gas valve on.

Tank Style Heating Oil:

Oil Water Heater Not Working

  • 1) Check to see if you have oil in your oil tank.
    • a. If you recently had oil delivered, sludge from the oil tank may have clogged your filter, strainer and nozzle.
    • b. Please call us for service.
  • 2) Check the power supply to the water heater.
  • 3) Press the reset button on the control one time only.
    • a. If the burner runs briefly and then shuts off or doesn’t start at all please call us for service.

Tank Style Electric:

Electric Water Heater Not Working

  • 1) Check the power supply to the water heater.
  • 2) Check the reset button on the thermostats using caution due to high voltage.
  • 3) Please call us for service if hot water is not restored within 1 hour.

Tankless Water Heater:

Tankless Water Heater Not Working

  • 1) Please refer to your owner’s manual for instructions.
  • 2) Please call us if you need assistance we are factory trained by most manufacturers.




  • Never light matches or attempt to reignite a water heater if the odor of natural gas is present, or you risk serious injury and causing a fire.
  • Use caution when working with high voltage electricity.
  • If you are unsure about any troubleshooting instructions STOP and call Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating.