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Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

You turn on your kitchen sink expecting to rinse a dish. You rely on the pressurized water supply to provide the necessary momentum to move debris from the plate. So, understandably, you’re a little disappointed when you get only a stream of water or perhaps a slow drip. Want to know why this is happening? We’ve got some ideas below, but call a plumber to be sure.

Do You Have Hard Water?

Hard water means excess minerals in the water supply. These are not a threat to your health. However, they can build up in the pipes reducing the volume available for water. This means low water pressure and pipes that need replacement too soon. A water softener can help.

Did Someone Close a Shut-Off Valve?

Was there a leak in your home recently requiring repair? You have to turn off the water to the home before making any repairs to the pipes or fixtures. Your plumber may not have opened the shut off valve all the way after the service. You might try opening up the shut off valve before calling an expert.

Is There a Leak?

Unfortunately, there could be a large costly leak in your pipes. This would keep water from flowing through your faucets at a reasonable pressure. You’ll have to call in a plumber to be sure. And you must have leaks resolved ASAP to prevent damage to your home.

Are the Aerators Blocked?

Minerals and other debris may just be clogging up the opening of the faucet. If only a single fixture is affected in your home, try removing the aerator at the end of the faucet. Typically, you can just twist off the end and pull out the screen to clean it off.

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