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Should You Switch from Oil Heating to Gas?

Does it really make sense to switch your oil heating system to a gas furnace or boiler? The answer, of course, depends. Some people are perfectly happy with having an oil-fired furnace or boiler to keep the house warm. It works just as well as gas heating, after all, and the thought of a major system replacement might be overwhelming.

However, we think an oil-to-gas conversion may prove to be the right decision for heating your home. Learn more in our guide or by calling our team.

Frankly, Oil Heating Is a Hassle

The number one reason to switch to gas heating is to save yourself all of that trouble. If you already have an oil-fired heater, you already know how much of a chore it can be to get the oil delivered to your home. Plus you have to have an on-site oil tank, which can take up a lot of space. Oil furnaces tend to cost less initially, but you only need to replace your furnace every 15 years or so anyway.

The Cost of Heating Should Go Down

Typically, natural gas, which is already available to your home, is a cheaper means of running a heater. Regardless of efficiency rating, the cost of oil heating is higher than the cost of gas heating—by about 30-40%. And that’s a lot of extra money to spend on heating.

The conversion will come at a cost. But if you need to replace your heater anyway, this is the way to go. The monthly savings could quickly offset the cost of the installation, in only about 5 years.

It’s a Big Decision

Choosing to make the switch from oil to gas heating is a big decision. However, it’s an investment that could make a big difference in your home for years to come. Winters are about to get a whole lot easier. And even if you plan to sell your home in a few years, it makes for a good selling point. Talk to a technician about your options, and remember that gas lines in the home can always be extended to accommodate such a system.

Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc can handle your oil-to-gas system conversion if you’re in the Franklin Lakes, NJ area. And check out our offer for a $249.95 oil-fired system cleaning. Call for details.

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