Our June 2024 Employee Spotlight

Meet Shannon Homan!

Shannon Homan June employee spotlight

Meet Shannon Homan, our dedicated Project Coordinator who has been with Mark Lindsay & Son for 8 months. She handles all of our installations with quality and care.

Shannon’s favorite meal is ice cream (who can blame her?), and she cherishes her time unplugging and reconnecting with nature. It’s not surprising that in her spare time, she enjoys fishing, gardening, and camping, with dreams of exploring more of the United States and traveling to Ireland. Oh, and if you’re thinking she resembles Neve Campbell, you might be onto something!

What she values most about her role at Mark Lindsay is the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team. She’s all about being personable, fun-loving, and putting in the hard work. Her pearls of wisdom for new hires: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We appreciate Shannon’s dedication, commitment, and the quality she brings to every project at Mark Lindsay & Son.

If you’re interested in joining the MLP team, visit our Careers page to browse current openings and submit your resume!


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