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Category: Toilet

Fast forward about two weeks. It’s about an hour after Thanksgiving dinner, and in your tryptophan haze and rush to catch the end of the game, you do something you probably wouldn’t do any other day of the year: you pour the fat from your turkey or roast down the drain. Twenty-four hours later, you’re calling a plumber for emergency service because that grease has hardened in the artery of your plumbing pipes, trapping food [Read More...]

Did you know that most home plumbing leaks are found in the toilet tank? These leaks are usually caused by worn parts or improper alignment of the flushing mechanism – and they could be costing you hundreds of dollars in water usage over the course of a year. Detecting toilet leaks: Signs and Symptoms Toilet leaks typically occur in two ways – the most common of which is one caused by a worn out or [Read More...]

November 19, 2015 is World Toilet Day! The importance of access to proper sanitation and toilet repair. Health : 1. Properly disposing of human waste prevents water supplies, food and peoples’ hands from becoming contaminated. 2. Every dollar invested in sanitation saves $7 in health costs and productivity.   Reasons for toilet repair: 1. Weak Flusher 2. Strong but Partial Flush 3. Phantom Flusher 4. Bowl Water Level Drops 5. Double Flusher 6. Whistling Tank [Read More...]