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Category: Indoor Air Quality

Think pollution is only outside your home? Think again. The truth is the air in your home typically contains anywhere from three to five times as many pollutants as outdoor air – and sometimes significantly more than that. Those are scary numbers when you consider how much time you spend inside – especially in the winter. The good news is you can greatly improve air quality inside your New Jersey home simply by making some [Read More...]

It’s a reality we have to deal with here in New Jersey: as the weather gets colder, the air gets dryer – including the air inside your home. As a homeowner, that leaves you with three choices: you can live with it, buy a big bag of throat lozenges, or do something to shift indoor humidity levels to healthier levels. We highly recommend you choose the third option and the best way to do that [Read More...]

Did you know that the air inside your home could be as much as five times more polluted than outdoor air – and packed with everything from mold and pet dander to dust mites, pollen, and more? If you suffer from allergies or asthma, that level of pollution can make things uncomfortable ­– or even dangerous – for you. How do keep airborne allergens at bay in your New Jersey home? Here are three suggestions: Install [Read More...]

You've heard that you should change an AC or furnace filter once a month, but do you know what makes this so important?

Keeping a home as airtight as possible is important if you want to save money throughout the year on heating and air conditioning. Small leaks around the home, such as those around windows and doors, are a big deal as far as efficiency is concerned.