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Category: Furnace

Pilot light failure is among the more common reasons why a gas furnace stops working. But why does that happen? Since many newer gas furnaces have electronic ignitions, the problem most often occurs in older gas furnaces. Pilot lights can go out for several reasons, including: Having a weak flame – A pilot light flame should burn bright blue; if yours burns yellow, your system probably has a leak and requires service. Leaks cause your [Read More...]

An annual tune-up is the key to keeping your furnace running peak efficiency, which can save you hundreds of dollars in heating bills over the course of a heating season. It can also help your technician to spot a minor issue in your system before it becomes an expensive repair. In other words: don’t skip it!

Choosing between gas and electric powered furnace is a common decision that most New Jersey homeowners will one day have to make (or at least one they should have to make – unless they’re led to make a choice based on what’s most profitable for their contractor or big box dealer rather than on what makes the most sense in their home). Like most investments, the question of gas vs. electric requires you to consider [Read More...]

Buying a new furnace is an investment for your New Jersey home that warrants careful consideration: how do you know whether to stick with your old system or move on to something new? Here are three key questions to help you decide. How old is your current furnace? If your system is more than 10 or 12 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it – even if yours seems to be working [Read More...]

  “The weather outside is frightful.” That’s when you’re glad you had your central heating system checked and serviced in the autumn. It’s a good feeling to know that it may be rainy, freezing, blizzardy, windy horrible weather outside, but that you’ve got your own comfortable ‘weather’ inside. And several months ago the hardworking folks here at Best Heating & Air visited our neighbors all over and around Natick MA to make sure their heating [Read More...]