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5 Signs of a Plumbing Leak

When there is a leak in your pipes, you can really pay for it. Water bills aside, a plumbing leak can worsen over time and ruin the structure of your home. It’s important to know how to detect a water leak so that you can call in a plumber ASAP. Below, learn about 5 common ways to find that your water pipes are leaking, even if it’s not very obvious.

#1: Unexplained moisture around the home

Remember, pipe leaks don’t always take the form of a puddle underneath the kitchen sink or a burst pipe that sends you running to the water shut-off valve. Sometimes, the appearance of moisture is subtle.

If you notice moisture on the walls, near the baseboard, in the basement, or anywhere you don’t expect it, it’s worth investigating. Monitor the area, and call a plumber ASAP if it’s clearly more than a spilled cup of water.

#2: Higher bills than usual

Keep track of your water bills. They will fluctuate with each month. But if they seem unusually high, take note. A sudden increase in your water bills is commonly associated with a leak in a pipe you cannot see.

#3: Problems with your water pressure

Water pressure issues may result from hard water—minerals clogging up the pipes—a faulty or closed off valve, or problems with a well pump, among other issues. On the other hand, water may be slowly leaking from your pipes, and that’s an issue you need to get under control ASAP.

#4: The presence of mold or mildew

The odor of mildew or any sign that mold is appearing is something you should always look into. High humidity is a common cause, but a plumbing leak in the walls may reveal itself as a moldy spot on the wall before you can see the moisture.

#5: Cracks in the foundation of the home

Unfortunately, a leak can get so severe that the pressure forces the foundation of a home to crack. Keep an eye on your baseboard and walls, and consider a thorough water leak detection service if there seems to be a problem.

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